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Project Manager – Graphics

Jesh Nandwani

Jesh graduated from University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a double major in Business Marketing and Graphic Design. Jesh’s affinity and background for graphics and design began with a great appreciation of the arts; from painting, illustration, to architecture. After graduation, Jesh started his career at Coca-Cola and NASCAR as a graphics and advertising Project Manager based in Charlotte, NC. He, then understood how design is a global language to all consumers. One of his passions is to visit new places and combine both affinities of art and travel. Next on his list of travel endeavors is a trip to Rome to see the Sistine Chapel, the Roman Coliseum, and visit the world’s largest art museum, the Louvre in Paris.
As of April 2018, Jesh joined NGS Films and Graphics Division as a Graphics Project Manager and is looking forward to contributing to the success of the business and the team. While Jesh is not at NGS he enjoys working out, watching basketball, caring for two dogs, and enjoys reading.

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