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If only good project planning was enough to keep projects on track! When you have a large, complex task ahead, you know that you’ll need to coordinate various contractors, stay on top of deadlines, manage outsourcers… And, oh yeah, wake up every morning with a feeling of dread because your real work is falling further and further behind every day.

It’s time to let someone else handle project management for you.

NGS Films and Graphics is happy to take the reigns of your challenging, multi-stage window film, graphics, and signage projects, keeping contractors on task and ensuring that you meet your deadlines. Won’t it be nice to get back to your real work finally?


“They worked with the general contractor to independently project manage the task themselves. The installation went seamlessly.”
Brian D. Kornasiewicz, Senior Project Architect, Heery International, Inc.


Break the Ice

Everyone says that communication is the key to a successful project. Open up those lines of communication with us and we’ll make sure your project gets started—and finished—perfectly.

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