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They say that seeing is believing, but when planning a project for a complex building, it turns out that seeing is succeeding.

In a way, large structures function like large organisms. They’re complex. What helps you save operating and installation expenditures on one side of your building may not be helpful on another side of the building. Or any other sides of the building.

Although our predecessors had to rely on guesswork and trial-and-error for their film and graphics projects, NGS Films and Graphics helps walk you through a comprehensive process that benchmarks the energy consumption of your building using a powerful computer modeling program and then models the changes visually, so you can see what your building might look like post installation.  Imagine being able to actually view changes to a detailed, realistic, 3D image of your building, using a powerful computer modeling program that lets you mix and match solutions at will so you can see all your options & the related business case before you spend a penny on installation.

NGS Films and Graphics team will also work to find any available rebates to help offset the cost of the installation. Our team of experts has you covered from concept to completion with your satisfaction guaranteed because if you don’t succeed, then we don’t succeed.

How it Works

Phase 1

Preliminary assessment to evaluate potential

Phase 2

Actual energy modeling/building baselining that is calibrated to historical energy consumption

Phase 3

Visual building modeling

Phase 4

Proof of performance with thermal imaging cameras & data logging ambient air temperature

Photo Gallery

Still Curious?

Perhaps these pictures will communicate better than we can.

Residential Tower Complex

Before and After

Roll over the photo to see before and after of our residential tower complex project in Chicago.

Before Energy Efficient Window Film | Residential Complex in Chicago | NGS After Energy Efficient Window Film | Residential Complex in Chicago | NGS


“NGS provides great products and services. They can provide a solution for any need. Whether you’re wanting to choose your product based on looks, solar gain, sustainability, etc., they provide a solution for everybody. They’re also easy to work with and make it easy to get work done when you work with them.”

Tim Malik, Senior Director of Property Management, First National Bank of Omaha


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