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Introducing 3M S2400: The Next Evolution in Security Window Film

By February 22, 2024April 3rd, 2024Building Security, News, Safety & Security Films
Broken Glass protected by 3M S2400

We are proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking protective film that redefines safety and security standards: 3M S2400. Designed specifically to stretch, not tear, this isn’t just another protective film – it’s the future of glazing security for building resilience.

Unparalleled Strength, Uncompromised Clarity – 3M S2400

The 3M S2400 is a product born from innovation, engineered to protect and designed to perform under the most demanding conditions.

Here are the standout features of 3M S2400:

  • Durability Redefined: Utilizing advanced polyurethane materials, 3M S2400 is designed to stretch without tearing when under stress, presenting a formidable barrier against potential breaches. It stretches 610% at break strength making this product substantially stronger than any legacy polyester construction film which are rigid by nature.
  • Crystal Clear Visibility: 3M S2400 maintains a high level of transparency, ensuring that security measures don’t come at the expense of visibility.
  • Rapid Cure Time: Waiting is not an option when security is on the line. With its fast-curing technology, 3M S2400 boasts an impressive cure time of up to 80% within 48 hours, significantly outpacing traditional thick polyester films.
  • Tested Toughness: During intensive controlled field tests 3M S2400 consistently outperformed legacy films by a factor of 6-8 times.
  • Superior Attachment: Intensive field testing revealed that attachment is less likely to fail or sheer due to the ability of the material to absorb energy
3M S2400 Stretch Test

Unlike legacy security films, 3M S2400 stretches instead of tearing.

Is 3M S2400 Right for You?

3M’s product is specifically engineered and manufactured for security professionals who can’t afford to compromise on safety and require the best glazing security protective measures for their buildings. If you are in building security working in K12, higher education, retail, government, architecture, or any other industry needing glazing security solutions, 3M S2400 is built to take your building security to the next level.

3M S2400 is not just a product; it’s peace of mind encapsulated in a layer of unmatched protection. It’s reassurance that every measure has been taken to protect people and property against unforeseen events.

Get 3M S2400  from NGS Today!

With the introduction of 3M S2400, embracing the next generation of protective glazing technology has never been easier or more impactful. If you demand excellence and expect industry-leading performance, the choice is clear—upgrade to 3M S2400, from NGS.

Contact NGS today to learn more about how the 3M S2400 can help you protect what matters most with 3M S2400.

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