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Education is one of the fastest growing construction markets with a multitude of new construction, renovation, energy efficiency & security upgrades being completed from k-12 through higher education. Security is at the forefront of any school as a result of the unfortunate active shooter phenomenon. The Sandy Hook advisory commission final report recommends safety/ security film as a prudent measure to secure the glazing on the perimeter of a school. NGS is the industry leader in 3M security film applications with our propriety, filed proven forced entry protection system, TRI-SHIELD getting adopted as a national standard. Learn more today from our team of experts as to what your options are.

Sandy Hook Report

Safety & Security

Learn how to prevent loss from theft, property damage, seismic activity, hurricanes, and vandalism with security window films for schools,…
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Education administrators also frequently look to energy efficiency retrofits to reduce operational costs. NGS’ energy efficiency team help our clients benchmark the existing glazing performance so as to select the right solar film for the project objectives. Our team has also successfully procured utility rebates to help offset the cost of the installation thereby improving return on investment. NGS also offers a wide array of beautiful woodgrain, stone, metal or custom finishes to renew walls, floors, desks and more with 3M DiNOC & impact resistant materials that offer stunning results for minimal investment. Keep surfaces looking new with anti-graffiti & state of the art metal films that are acid etch resistant and can also be applied to existing stainless steel fixtures, bathrooms, elevators, etc. to renew damaged surfaces and ensure your property retains the new look for years to come.


NGS’ Edgar compliant government contracting vehicles and purchase co-ops enable eligible education entities to get projects done quickly, not have to go to bid and ensure competitive pricing.

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