Feather Friendly® Window Film

Feather Friendly®


  • Helps birds avoid fatal collisions with glass
  • Science is used to create ideal printed symmetry in a manner that birds can comprehend
  • Ten prints, from Affinity to Harmony
  • The spacing of the dots averages from 2 inches to 4.
  • It isn’t obvious from a distance when viewing the building.


Did you know that approximately 1 billion birds are dying from window collisions each year in North America? The majority of those incidents result from commercial buildings. We would like to help prevent that.

Migrating birds are unable to discern between a window and the sky. This inability to ascertain the glass causes them to collide with windows at full speed – which often results in a fatality. This is adding grossly to a massive reduction in our bird population.

Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Technology is a simple solution that makes a huge impact on bird conservation. Feather Friendly window film comes in an array of dots. It’s so brilliant in its simplicity that it’s almost mind-boggling. This modest, yet effective technique saves bird’s lives all over the continent – every day.


A Better Building for Birds

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