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Specialty and privacy window films provide a two-fold benefit for your business: an enhanced sense of privacy and stylish design. And while the building’s interior is protected, the exterior can be branded, eco-wrapped, frosted, or cloaked.

  • 3M Opaque Nuclear Energy Institute


    Brand your building. Highlights Transform glass into decor Add logos, patterns, or images to a…
  • dry erase film

    Dry Erase

    Suitable for use in offices, schools, hospitals, and other buildings. Highlights Create and collaborate on…
  • eco wrap

    Eco Wraps

    Affordable, eco-friendly surface wraps for interiors and exteriors. Highlights Designed for interior/exterior decoration of walls,…
  • Feather Friendly 1000x1000 iStock 464343899

    Feather Friendly® Window Film

    Feather Friendly® Highlights Helps birds avoid fatal collisions with glass Science is used to create…
  • Films for Plastic Glazing

    Films for Plastic Glazing

    Designed for polycarbonate and acrylic substrates. Highlights Protects against vandalism Easy installation and removal Safe…
  • Rear Projection Film

    Rear Projection

    Dynamic digital advertising and signage in retail and public information environments. Highlights Ideal for large…
  • smart-window film

    Smart Films

    Adjust allowable light with AC power. Highlights Adjust light transmission between transparent and opaque for…

    View Control

    Control privacy levels in office spaces and buildings. Highlights Create privacy from certain angles Ideal…