Films for Plastic Glazing

Designed for polycarbonate and acrylic substrates.


  • Protects against vandalism
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Safe for acrylics and polycarbonates


Prevent the blistering that happens with so many film products with films made for plastic glazing. Blister-free film is designed specifically for polycarbonate (Lexan®) and acrylic (Plexiglass®) substrates. Polymeric substrates such as these absorb moisture on high humidity days and exude that moisture vapor on low humidity days, leading to the blistering of standard film products.

Madico’s blister-free film offers a proprietary adhesive that is not affected by the absorption and release of this moisture and remains intact. When used as a base film layer, blister-free opens up a world of film options that can be applied to plastic window glazing.


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