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Do you ever find that sometimes a potential vendor sounds good, but leaves you underwhelmed? At NGS Films and Graphics, our goal is to keep you 100% wowed, every single time you work with us.

In fact, we’re pretty sure our deep commitment to service is what made us the #1 Commercial Window Film Company in the U.S. within just four years of opening.

No matter what you desire—custom colors with one-of-a-kind solutions, textured surfaces, custom cutting, computer plotting, or anything else you can dream up—you’ll get exactly what you want with the high-quality craftsmanship from every product produced by NGS.


“In the past, we’ve had a few vendors who haven’t met our expectations on customer service or craftsmanship of the signage they deliver. It could be a simple visual aspect or the actual manufacturing of the material itself, but we’ve found scratches on the final product and cheap materials [with other vendors]. Everything NGS does for us is awesome.”

Marco Arroyo, Director of Design, Construction, and Facilities, True Religion


Expert InstallatioN

The job isn’t done until there’s something for you to look at and feel satisfied about. But before you can be proud of that job well done, there’s just one thing you need to take care of…

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