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Businesses. Covered.

You run a business…which means you probably have a marketing team. Our marketing team keeps telling us we need to limit ourselves to serving a specific industry, but honestly, if you have a building, we can help you. (Our marketing team is going to be so mad at us for this!)

Having a single focus is great, and working with only one industry would probably make things easier for us. But we didn’t get into this business to sit back and relax; we got in it to solve interesting, unique problems for you, so that you can sit back and relax.

Government Building for Government Contracting Vehicles


NGS supplies every solution you’ll need, from energy-saving films that reduce HVAC and lighting costs to the energy modeling software that helps you project savings and earn rebates. Leverage the power and simplicity of NGS’ government contracting vehicles and EDGAR-compliant purchase co-operatives.

Hotel room with window tinting


Your hotel is unique and so are its needs. From improving ambiance with wall graphics to improving guest privacy and comfort while reducing energy costs with specialty or solar window films, NGS can help. Let NGS cover your hospitality needs so you can provide the perfect hotel experience for all your guests, all the time.

Modern office with window film to prevent fading on the interior furnishings

Commercial Buildings

Transform existing spaces into stunning visual experiences, Protect your people and property with the latest in surface protection films for anti-graffiti applications, blast protection, storm mitigation and civil unrest. Take the steps to be prepared in today’s shifting social & security environment with NGS.

ngs industries education


We help education professionals make buildings more secure with security window film, reduce operational costs with solar film, and renew building surfaces with 3M™ DiNOC & impact resistant materials that offer stunning results for minimal investment.

Coats hanging in a glass retail storefront with loss prevention


NGS Films and Graphics leads the industry in signage, graphics, and forced entry protection solutions, helping you increase revenue with more customers who stay longer – and helping you reduce smash and grab losses too.

3M DI-NOC applied on the exterior of a building


Reface furniture, elevators and walls with inspiring, durable finishes that require no demo work and minimal downtime. NGS also helps hospitals reduce energy cost and increase safety and security with solar/ security window films that reduce solar heat load on a building while providing fragmentation retention for storm mitigation. NGS also offers some of the latest smart film technology that allows for on demand privacy without the hassle of blinds and thus makes for a more sanitary/ clean environment.

ngs industries green energy

Green Energy

Reducing carbon emissions isn’t just good for the planet; it’s good for your bottom line. One of the most overlooked and most efficient energy control measures that can be implemented is an applied window film.

ngs industries construction


Need security or window film on a 30-story building or a single floor? We’ve got you covered. Need signs or graphics on any surface, or a customized combination of everything? We’ve got you covered. When you work with NGS, you get access to all the best products on the market in one place – and you get professionals who know how to meet your deadlines.

And if we didn’t let you know that we can solve your business’s challenges, no matter what your business is, that would simply be bad business on our part.

(Actually, come to think of it, that’s the one business we don’t cover: Bad business! Problem solved, Marketing Team!)

NGS Films and Graphics specializes in delivering highly effective and yet cost-conscious solutions for 24-hour operations, companies with strict timelines, national chains, and organizations with a focus on cost-saving sustainability. Those are all the businesses we list at the top of this page. But our real specialty is in creative solutions that fit your exact needs.






Hear directly from our clients what it’s like to work with us. See for yourself the results they attained with our window film products and services!

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