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Discover Your Needs

When it comes to services, NGS Films and Graphics will get the job done with full-service turnkey solutions for projects of all sizes. No handholding required.

You don’t even need to know what you want. Often, our clients call us and ask, “How can I…”

IMprove productivity and happiness in the workplace

Improve installation quality & consistency across multiple

Markets for roll-outs

Increase sustainability with cost-saving energy efficiency

Increase sales and business security

NGS Films and Graphics finds the perfect answers to your questions, while you sit back and relax. (Or rather, we’ll find the answers while you work really, really hard at your real job – which has nothing to do with finding film, graphics, and signage solutions.)

Get resources and consultation so you can find your tailor-fit solution, and then take advantage of full-service project management from NGS, including planning, design, production, and installation so you can make your vision a reality.

Cover Your Needs

At NGS Films and Graphics, full service means full service. Sure, you can get installations from any vendor, but with NGS, you’ll get nationwide installation program management, building modeling, energy modeling, and the customized, unique solutions that no one has ever created before. All on your timeline.

Custom Coverage

Desires Fulfilled

Get what you need and exactly what you want because NGS specializes in special projects that meet your desires. Get solutions for some of the most common obstacles in your industry, and remember that no project is too big—or too strange—for NGS. We’re not the building fashion police or the Ministry of Appearance. Think outside the box. We love it!

Get Industry Fulfillment