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School Safety Plan Checklist

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Both the Sandy Hook and Nashville perpetrators quickly and easily gained access
through the glass.


Over 70% of intrusions are throughthe weakest point of entry: GLASS

To keep students safe, schools typically lock their doors during hours of operation, but the rising prevalence of school violence shows that locked doors aren’t enough to protect students and staff from a determined shooter.

Even when doors are locked, shooters can break in to a school by shattering entryway glass with bullets – which is why glass has been labeled as one of the weakest points of attack in active shooter situations.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as 100% bulletproof glass or ballistic film, but modern technology offers secure, affordable, alternative solutions for school safety that can harden your district’s schools against attack. If you’re currently coming up with a list of school safety ideas, this school safety plan checklist focused on protecting entry points, can help.

Why Choose Safety and Security Window Film?

After the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy, an advisory board released a clear analysis of the event and recommendations for creating an active shooter response plan for schools. The Sandy Hook Advisory Report specifically recommends hardened security for glass in areas of high risk and suggests using either bullet-resistant glass or window film for school safety.

Installing costly bullet-resistant glass on all doors and windows throughout a school district is unrealistic and cost-prohibitive, which is why many schools are turning to 3M window security film (sometimes called ballistic film), which resists attack to slow the shooter down at each access point.

This slowdown provides critical extra time for students and staff to escape to safety.

Important Questions to Address in Your School Safety Plan Checklist

How much protection does my school’s glass Require?

Schools can harden their security with 3M Ultra series safety films that offer:


that provides a tougher surface

Glass adhesion

that keeps glass from shattering

Frame-anchoring systems

that hold glass in place

Why Choose 3M Ultra Safety and Security Film?

Simply put, 3M films provide the best security in cost-effective installations. 3M security window film offers:

The ONLY film with patented, microlayer technology

that delivers 42 layers of tear resistance
(competitors only deliver 2-3 layers)

Innovative, proprietary adhesives

that keep glass shatterproof longer

A comprehensive warranty

that covers film and adhesive for their expected 15+ year lifespan

In addition, 3M security film installations can result in lowered HVAC costs, glare reduction, and security-enhancing daylight privacy protection.

Learn More About the 3M Security Film Difference

Important Questions to Address in Your School Safety Plan Checklist

Does my school have
different security zones?

Experts typically divide school buildings into 3 zones, based on risk levels. Schools can maximize security while keeping costs down by installing the right kind of film for each zone. A school safety and security window film expert can help you develop your school safety plan template.

Is security film for
windows immediately effective?

Some films take up to 60 days to “cure” before they provide maximum protection, but 3M’s film technology provides full security in less than 3 weeks when installed by a security film installation expert.

Why Choose NGS as Your Film Installation Expert?

As the most experienced 3M security film installer in the U.S. and America’s #1 Window Film Company (as ranked by the industry’s official trade magazine), NGS is the right choice to help you ensure your school’s security.

NGS also has a proprietary, field proven, and lab tested forced-entry system called TRI-SHIELD – a triple-layered security defense system that’s proven to keep intruders out.

map of the United States

NGS is:

The premier national footprint 3M-certified safety film installation company licensed from coast to coast

An official GSA contract holder (contract GS07F-152CA) providing streamlined installation and guaranteed low-price contracting

A holder of statewide approved contracting vehicles in over 38 states to streamline requisition, which protects you at a guaranteed, negotiated low price with fast installation

The industry leader in safety and security film solutions and the inventor of the proprietary forced-entry application TRI-SHIELD

Important Questions to Address in Your School Safety Plan Checklist

Should my school’s safety and security window film be installed by a licensed government contractor?

Schools have unique expenditure requirements, which is why they often choose to work with GSA contractors such as NGS.

How much lead time will it take before my school is secured by window film?

Window film installations are quick and easy when you work with an experienced installer. NGS employs 150+ installers nationwide and can manage your entire project for you, even working after hours to ensure your film is installed on your ideal timeframe. Your school’s security deserves immediate installation.

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