Rear Projection

Dynamic digital advertising and signage in retail and public information environments.


  • Ideal for large displays, exhibitions, and events
  • Higher contrast and color, higher viewing figures
  • Use in corporate spaces, receptions, boardrooms, control rooms, and operation centers
  • Excellent for training and learning


Projecting your image? Selling hard? Or simply providing the information people need? Capture your audience’s attention through superior sharpness, clarity, and definition with rear projection film. Even in high ambient light levels, static images, video, and multimedia content all benefit from the additional power and intensity offered by rear projection films.

Transform any glass surface, interior or exterior, into a dynamic visual with videos, photos, ads, and more. Rear projection film allows you to put a video screen virtually anywhere. Office, tradeshow, point-of-sale display, events, conventions: rear projection films turn glass into gawk-worthy real estate. And further establish maximum impact with videos, photos, presentations, advertisements, and branding.


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