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Jesse Wininger of National Glazing Solutions


Jesse Wininger

After growing up in a Northern Michigan snow belt, Jesse spent 20+ years filling various roles in the steel industry including draftsman, marketer, estimator, project manager and sales representative. His career changed gears in early 2017 when he accepted a position as Retail Estimator for NGS Films and Graphics.

These days, Jesse is an estimator of all things window film for all things retail. Typically his day consists of digging through PDFs, counting, measuring, quoting and processing window film orders for use in Retail construction.

The gentlemen at the helm of NGS Films and Graphics are customer-centric, forward thinkers and respectful of a healthy work-life balance. Their positive traits have infiltrated their workforce as a whole which makes working at NGS Films and Graphics a real privilege. Jesse feels very lucky to be a part of this team.

In his free time Jesse like to write, educate himself about the world around him and discover new music. Also, he is slowly but surely learning how to play acoustic guitar and sing. Someday, many years from now, he hopes to play a song around a campfire with at least one other person present. Jesse has a fraternal twin who is a couple inches taller than him but he makes up for it with a far superior hairline. Lastly, Jesse has a wonderfully delightful young daughter. Dancing, giggling and learning with her are easily his favorite things in life.

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