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NGS Films+Graphics Founding Partner Patrick Coyle

Founding Partner

Patrick Coyle

Patrick graduated from Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York with an English degree. After college Patrick spent some years in Manhattan before ultimately moving to Atlanta and getting involved in the Construction services industry. Patrick spent the next 18 years working in every level of the industry – eventually rising to become Director of Operations for one of the largest flat glass window film dealers in the United States. During his tenure there he managed thousands of projects annually. Patrick’s exceptional customer service ethos and broad operation experience on all types of projects made a perfect fit as a co-founder for NGS. NGS’ continued growth is a testament to the service levels employed at every operational level of the company by Patrick Coyle.

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Whether you’re remodeling an old building, building a new one, or sprucing up your space to incorporate attractive, energy-efficient upgrades, NGS Films and Graphics has got you covered. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. And we’ve got the products to prove it.

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