Spectrally Select

Designed for efficiency-conscious organizations.


  • Reject damaging UV rays
  • Block excess heat, making for a more comfortable interior
  • Maintain clear views


Filter out harmful UV rays and excess heat while maximizing the amount of natural sunlight entering your building with spectrally-select window films. These advanced films, such as the 3M™ Prestige series, feature high-tech coatings for glazing that allow unparalleled heat reduction with minimal change in glass aesthetics.

3M™ Prestige window films are a superior solution for efficiency-conscious organizations, due to the films’ unique, patented construction, which eliminates all metals. A metal-free film future-proofs your investment because it freely allows the transmission of 5G signal, with no obstruction. Plus, your investment will have none of the reflection typically associated with high-performing metalized films—this ultra-clear solar film is even less reflective than natural glass.

Exterior versions of the advanced, spectrally select window films are among the highest performing solar films on the market when applied to dual pane glass, offering the highest ratio of light transmission to heat rejection. This application allows for more natural light along with unimpeded views, making it the perfect solution for hotels, retailers, hospitals, and high-end properties that require maximum performance with minimal visual impact.

If you’re looking for a window film that gives your views center stage, check out the spectrally select 3M Prestige series, offering premium heat reduction in a metal-free, UV protection window film.


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