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As one of the only global planning, engineering, and construction management firms that’s also an accredited ESCO, AECOM is sought after to develop and execute comprehensive energy-efficiency projects worldwide. When they recently began a project for Sutter Health hospital in San Francisco, the ESCO realized the building’s patchworked window film was hampering critical heat-gain measurements. Energy measurement is a highly specialized industry, but AECOM knew one of the few companies with the hightech tools to accurately and effectively perform glazingrelated energy modeling: NGS Films and Graphics. “We have meters that go directly on the glass to measure the solar heat-gain coefficient, visible light transmittance, infrared transmission – all the variables you need to know,” explained James Beale, Managing Partner at NGS. “These tools accurately show existing performance, so you understand how much room you have to improve.”


One of the reasons AECOM required in-depth building modeling was because Sutter’s windows were inconsistent; some windows had film, but others didn’t. Without testing, AECOM couldn’t obtain a precise understanding of where and how the building was gaining heat, yet they needed precise answers to tackle the problem. With NGS, AECOM got the data they needed quickly and easily, and they were able to blend the results with other ECMs to make recommendations. After NGS took care of obtaining HIPAA-compliant badging and vetting to work on-site at the hospital, they were hired to install 30,000 ft2 of energy-efficient film. Though still a recent project, the film is indicated to reduce the building’s cooling load and energy costs significantly, and the attractive film has improved the building’s appearance too. With accurate baseline data behind them, Sutter can expect years of energy efficiency ahead.


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