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NGS Provides Expertise to the Federal Government

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When designing their new office, the federal General Services Administration – Region 3 office (GSA) needed office signage and custom vinyl decals. The decals were decorative, but having the right signage was essential because the new layout didn’t assign office space. Employees could move to any desk at any time, and signage would provide critical wayfinding. To ensure the right long-term solution, the GSA needed to learn more about materials. Their key interests were texture, mounting options, cost-effectiveness, durability, and color integrity. “We’re not signage experts, so we needed help bringing our project to life… in terms of cost effectiveness and durability,” said Liz Kahn, Interior Designer for GSA Region 3.


NGS Films and Graphics was contracted by a sign company working with the GSA to produce and install the signage and custom graphics. After a walkthrough with the GSA, the film and graphics company sent over and pre-installed physical samples for comparison. “Their very hands-on and collaborative approach helped us to make smart materiality decisions,” said Liz. The installation also took expertise. The office’s column signage had exact visual line requirements, and the project’s massive custom graphics had to align with existing architectural features. Since the building’s VOC paint didn’t allow for repositioning, NGS had to get the installation right on the first try. “We were impressed with how experienced they were,” said Liz. “We had very specific, design-oriented aspects to the project, and [NGS was] sensitive to that. They shipped [additional sections] here overnight to make sure everything could be completed within the original installation time.”


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