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After decades of use, two buildings at Georgia State University were in desperate need of modernization because the buildings’ appearance and energy efficiency had drastically deteriorated. Antiquated, solar film was in a deep state of decay on most windows – though some of the old film had been replaced with a newer, silver mirrored film. The buildings looked like patchwork, which made for a less-than-attractive facade. However, although the appearance of the buildings was an issue, Georgia State’s main concern was with efficiency. NGS was called in to help. “We used building and energy modeling to show the detailed, long-term savings for newer, more efficient film,” said James Beale, Managing Partner at NGS. “The models clearly showed that affordable window film provided them with viable energy efficiency.”


With building and energy modeling, NGS was not only able to show Georgia State where their energy was being wasted, they were also able to provide a detailed plan for how the problem could be fixed. Once the project was approved, NGS mobilized materials and manpower. Working around schedules, after hours, and meeting special privacy requirements for HIPAA, NGS removed the decaying film and replaced it with new, high-performance film called “dual reflective technology film,” which provided maximum solar heat rejection while minimizing interior reflection. NGS also took the initiative to supervise a glass replacement company to replace broken windows and windows that did not match the original specified glass. “The result was a visual overhaul of the building with a solar control window film that was less reflective on the interior and exterior while providing impressive solar heat gain reduction,” says James Beale. “It looks great and saves them on energy costs, which is exactly what they were looking for.”

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