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Case Study

Guess? Upgrades Store Design with Minimal Impact on the Environment




Guess? wanted to update the look of their store interiors in 86 stores nationwide. With a tight timeline and limited budget, ripping and replacing or remodeling proved to be too time-consuming and costly.


3M™ DI-NOC architectural surface films


NGS achieved the brand aesthetic Guess wanted – updating shelves, walls, counters, display fixtures, and more – on time, on budget, and on scope.


Driven by a global initiative to retrofit stores in a cost effective and sustainable way, Guess? needed to update its store interiors in the United States while reducing waste by 25-30%. It was important to Guess? that this transformation would have a cohesive brand aesthetic. In addition, Guess? leadership wanted to ensure best practices regarding environmentally friendly solutions.


Corporate management understood that replacing fixtures for hundreds of stores across the country would prove costly. Moreover, the discarded fixtures and furnishings would wreak havoc on landfills across the country. Finding a solution that allowed them a cohesive, on-brand design was a priority. But staying on budget for the upgrade was also imperative.


Working with NGS, Guess? achieved its desired design with 3M™ DI-NOC, an architectural surface film that can be applied to almost any surface, instantly transforming the look without waste.

NGS coordinated certified installers across the country, quickly transforming the stores. This allowed Guess? to maintain normal store operations. The process included counters, fixtures, fitting room doors, light boxes, and more. The efficiency of process, as well as the quality of workmanship, yielded stunning results. By staying on budget, and maintaining brand consistency in every store, NGS met and even surpassed the expectations of this retail giant

“NSG took ownership of the project from beginning to end,” stated Marco Arroyo, Senior Director of Store Planning, Design & Construction, Guess. “I was concerned that we wouldn’t have enough 3M™ DI-NOC, but NGS was able to use their relationship with 3M to get it manufactured, delivered, and installed seamlessly. I am so pleased with the project, and look forward to continuing to work with NGS.”

NGS completed eighty-six stores in under 6 months, with outstanding results. To date, this project is one of the largest undertakings in 3M™ DI-NOC™ history. The next round of stores will begin in April of 2022.

Sugarloaf Purse Wall Before
Sugarloaf Purse Wall After


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