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After investing in a costly, resin-based architectural finish for their store’s facade, I.Gorman Jewelers was shocked when ugly water stains began spreading along their store’s exterior. With the holiday season only weeks away, the jeweler knew they needed to fix the problem – but that meant they had find a solution and hire an installer in record time. Because their expensive investment had already failed them, I.Gorman wasn’t sure where to turn for something better. They also weren’t sure they’d be able to get a new storefront installed in D.C.’s winter weather. Luckily, they consulted with NGS Films and Graphics. “They ended up choosing DI-NOC architectural film because it could match their pattern and reface their store for a small fraction of the cost of alternatives,” said James Beale, Managing Partner at NGS.


DI-NOC became a shining jewel for I.Gorman. Not only did it restore their exterior like new, it also excelled in price and durability. Plus, NGS was able to complete the entire installation in just two nights. “We understand that no one wants their store to look like it’s under construction. That’s why we made sure to do all the work for them outside of regular business hours,” James said. “In those cold D.C. nights, we were there after I.Gorman closed and before they opened.” NGS finished the job without a single disruption and I.Gorman’s new, more durable solution only ended up costing them ¼ of what it would have taken to replace the failing resin-based product. To I.Gorman, their new DI-NOC architectural film is as good as gold.

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