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In 2016 the Minneapolis – Saint Paul International (MSP) Airport was the 17th busiest airport in the U.S. and was voted the best in its class. Just like NGS, their reputation is earned in satisfaction. 

However, while building their new Humphrey terminal, the airport noticed a glaring problem: the ticket clerks needed to eliminate the glare from a row of clerestory windows, so they could do their jobs.

For MSP, the problem was two-fold. They needed to reduce glare for employees, but they also needed to maintain light and architectural appeal for customers. For this job, tinted film wouldn’t work.

“For direct glare, tinted film would be like wearing sunglasses and looking at the sun,” explained James Beale, Managing Partner at NGS. “Diffuser film is better because it captures and scatters the light. It’s more of a bright glow versus a direct glare.”


NGS knew the airport’s best option would be 3M Fasara film Milano, which diffuses light and dramatically cuts glare. 3M’s Fasara line offers dozens of unique, decorative options with various levels of opacity and patterns.

Working after the airport closed and using a 45ft. boom lift to reach the high-set windows, NGS transformed the glaring annoyance into a glowing display of frosted, etched glass.

“One of the great things about the 3M Fasara film is that it has so many aesthetically attractive options,” James continued. “It’s both functional and beautiful.”

In the end, NGS installed 5,000+ ft2 of decorative window film that eliminated the glare with a beautiful solution. The airport ticket takers could do their jobs efficiently and the airport patrons could comfortably enjoy one of the most modern airports in the nation.

Take a look next time you fly through – you’ll be surprised at the difference a decorative film can make.

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