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As a leader in blue jeans design, True Religion started their path to success in 2002 when they restructured the industry-standard sewing machines to accommodate their new stitch. They crafted more than jeans, designing a business model of bold fearlessness in which innovation pairs with a commitment to quality.

But fearless leaders like True Religion demand that strong vendors match their style – and after True Religion discovered they needed faster results, they began a search to increase quality and competition among their vendors.

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True Religion


Problems with vendor quality and tight timelines left True Religion searching for a new signage solution for popup stores.


NGS Films and Graphics provides amazing customer service, incredible speed, and superior craftsmanship on every signage project, delivering results months ahead of expected timelines.

Rapid Growth Increases Production Needs

Though they boast strong online sales, True Religion focuses heavily on brick-and-mortar stores to cement the customer experience and increase brand awareness. They pursue an aggressive path of opening new pop-up stores regularly, resulting in expedited construction schedules, on-the-fly changes, and reduced delivery times.

“Brick-and-mortar is a part of our DNA,” said Marco Arroyo, Director of Design, Construction, and Facilities at True Religion.

Raising the Standard & Protecting the Brand

In light of their aggressive growth schedule, True Religion has identified four primary components required for each new store that are to be provided by their sign vendor: Storefront design, primary storefront signage, secondary signage (blade sign), and barricade graphics.

Identifying the common components is where the standardization ends. As a brand dedicated to quality and craftsmanship, it’s important to True Religion that everything meet the same high levels of quality synonymous with the brand. This left them searching for a partner that would raise the standard of their sign program. It was this search that led them to NGS Films and Graphics.

A Reunion of Sorts

True Religion became familiar with NGS Films and Graphics when Angie Huff, their go-to sign expert, accepted a job with NGS as VP of Retail. Already a leader in graphics production and installation, NGS saw an opportunity to strategically partner with retail clients to provide additional value through offering signage as a part of their scope of services. Having worked with Angie in the past, True Religion saw the value as well.

“Angie is the reason why we moved to NGS. She is very, very professional, she stays on top of every project, her communication is fantastic– just her level of customer service was beyond my expectations,” Marco explained.

A Quick Win for NGS Films and Graphics

NGS’s first project with True Religion, Last Stitch in Culver City, CA, was a true test of skill and determination that would set the stage for the future of the relationship. Relying on the knowledge and skills developed over the past decade, Angie and her team were able to expedite the project in order to do what many in the industry would consider impossible – initiate and execute a full sign project from design to installation in just under three weeks.

“There are quite a few variables that have to align in order for us to make our deadlines,” Marco explained. “[Signage] generally takes 2-3 months from start to end, but Angie and NGS were great at expediting all the permits, the drawings, and the manufacturing of the signage, which I truly thought we weren’t going to be able to achieve. I was very surprised and pleased. They blew my mind beyond expectations.”

The Culver City signage (pictured above) landed safely at the LA airport less than 24 hours prior to the store’s grand opening. It was flawlessly installed that same night, allowing the store to stay on schedule and open the next morning. An exceptional understanding of the process and dedication to the customer’s needs made the impossible possible.


“In almost all the projects, having NGS [Films and Graphics] manufacture and install… in such a rush is amazing. They do whatever is necessary to install the signage by the day we open.

In the past, we’ve had a few vendors who haven’t met our expectations on customer service or craftsmanship of the signage they deliver. It could be a simple visual aspect or the actual manufacturing of the material itself, but we’ve found scratches on the final product and cheap materials [with other vendors]. Everything NGS does for us is awesome.”

-Marco Arroyo, Director of Design, Construction, and Facilities at True Religion


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