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What Carbon Taxes Mean for Commercial Buildings

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Amidst growing concerns about climate change, government officials are looking to regulate and reduce carbon emissions. And with buildings accounting for roughly 29 percent (1.9 billion tons of CO2!) of all U.S.greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, legislators are honing in on commercial buildings.

New York City recently passed Local Law 97, and Washington D.C. passed Clean Energy DC – the first laws to regulate building emissions with penalties for exceeding emissions caps. But they are only the beginning.

What can you do to prepare for the coming regulations?

Register for our webinar to:

  • Understand what Local Law 97 and D.C. Clean Energy are and how they impact your building(s) – regardless of where they are in the country
  • Evaluate and implement building energy efficiency strategies building energy efficiency and avoid penalties
  • Understand the importance of glazing in building energy efficiency


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James Beale

Founding Partner

James Beale is a leading expert in the window film industry and specializes in helping companies evaluate and implement energy efficiency technologies. His expertise comes from more than 15 years of industry experience and co-founding NGS, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing window film company. His customer-first approach has helped him become the go-to solar window film consultant for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

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