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Sun Control Window Films

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Buildings are not closed systems: they overheat in the summer, leak heat in winter, tax HVAC systems year round, challenge maintenance and repair crews, and add to energy bills. What if sun control window film was applied to all the glass and windows in a building? What would result?

With the right sun control window film application, building managers, owners, and proprietors can see dramatically improved energy efficiency, better occupant comfort, and an amazing exterior aesthetic—just to name a few.

Join this webinar to learn how sun control window films are changing the game in the following ways:

  • Spend less money on heating and cooling throughout the entire year
  • Improve the overall comfort of building tenants and occupants
  • Protect property and furnishing from the damaging rays of the sun
  • Enhance the appearance and aesthetic of your building with different decorative designs and motifs


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James Beale

Founding Partner

James Beale is a leading expert in the window film industry and specializes in helping companies evaluate and implement energy efficiency technologies. His expertise comes from more than 15 years of industry experience and co-founding NGS, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing window film company. His customer-first approach has helped him become the go-to solar window film consultant for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

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