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Building Modeling, Energy Engineering, and Solar Window Film

By June 24, 2021February 18th, 2022Energy modeling, ESCO, Solar Window Film
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Building Modeling and Energy Engineering

Monitoring and optimizing energy efficiency is probably one of the most crucial parts of keeping your commercial building up and running proficiently. As the weather gets hotter each year during the summer, it’s essential to keep everyone in your building cool while keeping energy costs low. But, for most of the country, that is not an easy task.

That’s where NGS comes in! Our building modeling and energy engineering services can provide energy solutions by conducting whole-building energy modeling assessments. Using the appropriate tools to fully characterize your existing glass and the application of the energy-efficient window film, we can help you go green and save money, all while ensuring the comfort and style of your building are not compromised.

Improve Energy Efficiency and Security with Sun Control Window Films
Hosted by  James Beale
Learn how sun control window films help improve building energy efficiency, reduce costs, improve occupant comfort, and increase security.

Building Modeling Assessments

Figuring out how much energy your building is consuming is not a cookie-cutter process. Whether an office building, a hospital, an airport, or anything in between, the way you use your building is a critical aspect of an accurate energy model. The position of different spaces in relation to the sun, surrounding buildings, and structures, even a room’s purpose can all play into your unique energy-saving needs.

Before we begin, our team conducts building modeling assessments to ensure we understand how much energy your building is consuming and in what way. To do this, we use a comprehensive energy expenditure prediction tool operated by a computer modeling program. This process gives us a better understanding of how different energy-efficient window film solutions might impact your building’s energy consumption. While selecting budget-friendly commercial window film solutions, our assessment mixes and matches several solar window films and even dual-purpose solar/security films to calculate the best ROI for your building

Our calculations are performed within and in accordance with Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories’ Building Technologies Department and Windows and Daylighting Group, including Optics and Window software.

EFILM as an energy modeling software can be a good quick tool but has limitations with regard to actual building shapes and glass types.

eQuest, on the other hand, can create building shells that look like the actual building. There are virtually no limitations regarding the complexity of the building (or even multiple buildings on one site) as well as using actual glass types.

An example of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories Window program. This is an actual glass type from a national library—not generally known as ‘tinted’.

Energy-Efficient Window Film Solutions

Based on the results of your building modeling assessment, our team of window film specialists will recommend the highest grade of affordable products available to you. NGS has the widest array of 3M products on the market to keep your building and employees cool. Some of our highest performing energy-efficient window films include:

Ceramic Film

Like 3M Sun Control Window Film, Ceramic Film allows crystal-clear views paired with increased protection from the sun’s harmful heat and UV rays.

Low Emissivity (Low E) Film

Low Emissivity Film, such as 3M Thinsulate can substitute as a full window placement, helping you cut down on cost.

The NGS Seal of Approval

NGS works hard to provide quality service to our clients. Rest assured, our seamless blend of top-tier experience and engineering expertise will give your turn-key project the attention it deserves. Watch our on-demand webinar, “Improve Energy Efficiency, Aesthetics, Occupant Comfort, and Security with Sun Control Window Films” to learn more.


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