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Create a Privacy Screen with Decorative Window Film

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The world is truly an amazing place. Innovation and evolution translate to new creations and technical inventions that elevate the quality of our lives. Surprisingly to many, privacy window film is one of those gifts. No – really!

“We’ve come a long way” doesn’t begin to convey the extent in which decorative window film can change your world. You can easily elevate your environment by implementing privacy in an artistic way. Interior designers have fallen in love with the stunning options and the various ways in which a privacy screen can be created with decorative window film. It turns out that privacy screens for windows aren’t the only option.

A brief history of the privacy screen

Privacy screens are defined as a room divider or folding screen. These objects are made up of 5 or 6 wooden panels that are connected by hinges. These screens are lightweight and easily moved from room to room.

Privacy screens originated in China as early as 600 B.C. They were initially used to block drafts in homes. They became prominent in various cultures in Asia until finally reaching Europe. France obtained Chinese privacy screens around the 18th century. They were considered works of art as much as they were functional.

In Europe privacy screens provided discretion for individuals, when they wanted to change clothing. But this period in European history was known for opulence. Thus, this Asian culture’s art form was considered chic in England and Europe.

These objects of art were often painted. Flowers, landscapes, and other scenery were rendered onto the panels. as time progressed, scenes were added to paper or silk before being applied to the panels. Eventually, European versions began to over their privacy screens in striking tapestries.

A privacy screen for glass

Most office spaces require some form of privacy. Decorative window film is the simplest way to turn glass into a privacy screen. It’s also a quick process that requires little to no downtime for your business. Often, installation crews will go in after hours and install window film so that business isn’t interrupted.

As square footage is coveted office spaces are being partitioned off with glass walls. This is a great space-saving option. However, it does nothing to provide privacy. This is where decorative window film comes in. By adding privacy window film to the glass partitions, not only is confidentiality ensured but a redesign is also provided. You have too many options to choose from to count!

Frosted window film

Frosted window film was one of the first available privacy window films. It is still used today, albeit in more creative and fun ways. Now frosted film is available in various “prints”. Dots, nature designs, or aggregated lines all make up popular frosted films implemented in offices across the country.

Frosted window film is also a great opportunity to implement branding in your office. From company logos to slogans, frosted film can be cut and applied in any design. This is a simple way for business owners to create a positive and warm feeling for their associates within a work environment.

Fasara Frosted Swirl

Fasara Frosted Swirl

Lighting within an office space is often coveted as studies have shown that it promotes employee productivity. (LINK) Decorative window film is an ideal solution for allowing light to flow into the middle of the office space that otherwise would have limited daylight.

3M™ Fasara™ series

Every year, 3M introduces approximately one hundred new decorative window film options to their Fasara line. Obviously, you won’t be short on options for your office space. As the international leader in the window film industry, 3M is determined to provide the latest in window films and design. And this year’s options are amazing!

Fasara Stone Line


Japanese paper was a strong influencer in 2022’s Fasara lines. There are several options that look like granite or quartz within the stone series. The colors are black, grey, and white which are both modern and elegant. Can you imagine a privacy window screen with this?

3M also included a series of frosted films that uses mere lines in striking ways. Some provide a bamboo effect while others feel more whimsical. Either way, this new Fasara line definitely brought the outdoors in. If none of these options strike your fancy, no worries. 3M has another line within the Fasara series that looks like sheer fabric. There is an option here that you will fall in love with.

Create a privacy screen to be remembered

When we meet a need (privacy) with stunning options (the FASARA line), we provide interior spaces with a level of calm that can only improve morale and branding. By turning glass partitions into sophisticated privacy screens, employers can easily improve an office environment.

Decorative window film can provide a redesign that makes your office environment seem completely new. Think… artistry on glass! And it’s surprisingly cost-effective. Implementing privacy window film within your office is an ideal opportunity to make your office space special.

Are you ready to create your own masterpiece with privacy window film? Reach out to us today. Our window film experts can answer any questions you may have and get you started right away.

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