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Does Security Window Film Work?

By April 12, 2022Safety & Security Films
Building with security window film

Yes, security window film does work – in a multitude of ways. Whatever your needs for security may be, there is an option to fulfill that need. So, what do you need your security window film to do? Protect from storms? Break-ins? Ensure privacy?

Securing the perimeter of your building is imperative when it comes to protecting your assets. That can be the building itself, the merchandise inside, or the people within.  When it comes to building security, glass windows and doors are the most common point of violation.

What is security window film and how does it work?

Safety and security window film is a multi-layer construction thin sheet of clear polyester, that is applied to the exterior or interior of glass using a pressure-sensitive adhesive. And while it doesn’t prevent glass from breaking, it does protect people and property by delaying entry, increasing response time, reducing visibility, and mitigating spall.

(For those who would prefer to prevent glass from breaking and deny access entirely, there is an option known as  Riot Glass®. This is an access denial system that is virtually invisible and nearly indestructible.)

Delay entry and increase response time

Security window film has been shown to delay entry by over two minutes This prevents perpetrators from gaining immediate access to a building and gives emergency responders additional time to arrive at the scene. As a deterrent, security window film can prevent future occurrences as perpetrators realize that your doors and windows aren’t easily broken. Often, they’ll move on to less secure locations to commit their crime.


NGS’ proprietary TRI-SHIELD®, adds an additional weatherable exterior film and patented anchoring system to delay entry up to six minutes. By maintaining placement of the glass, even if it’s broken, entry or harm to individuals is less probable. This option affords the property owner a more secure building from both criminals as well as, harsh weather and storms.

Reduce visibility

The privacy benefit that comes with shading and tinting in window film also has a particular safety benefit: windows that are shaded or darkened on the exterior make it more difficult for perpetrators to see into the building. This benefit can serve as a major deterrent to a single-minded individual who means to do harm with a firearm, or otherwise. Moreover, if they can’t see what is inside, they are less likely to attempt a break-in.

Reduce spall

Whether from a bomb blast, windstorm, gunshot, or human impact – glass will shatter with the right amount of force. This shattering creates “spall”: flying pieces of glass that can cause great harm to anyone nearby. Serving as a containment system, security window film prevents spall from becoming harmful projectiles. These spontaneous weapons can cause irrevocable harm to an individual, as well as the property itself.

Signals defense

Some safety and security window films have properties that can attenuate radio frequencies, ensuring only authorized signals are transmitted in and out. Some safety films can even protect against unwanted radiofrequency signals.

Yes, security window film works

We know that violent crime is on the rise. Business management and retailers alike, shared their concerns in a recent loss prevention survey. Protecting their buildings has become a greater priority than ever before. Safety and security window film works, and is a critical addition to your building perimeter security strategy.

So, if you want to strengthen your buildings’ weakest points (glass doors and windows), reach out to schedule a free security analysis for buildings. Still have questions? Watch our webinar about safety and security window film to learn more.

When it comes to safeguarding properties, NGS knows how to better every building.

Protect People and Property with Safety and Security Window Film
Hosted by  James Beale
Learn how 3M Safety and Security Window Film can help you increase building security, reduce loss from theft and property damage, protect and mitigate damage from human impact, glass breakage, intrusion, blast mitigation, seismic activity, windstorm, and graffiti.

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