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GSA Green Proving Ground Program Selects 3M™ and NGS as Finalists in Evaluation Process

By May 27, 2022July 8th, 2022Energy Efficiency, Government, Solar Window Film, Window Film
Building with 3M Non-Metalized Window Film, a GSA Green Proving Ground Finalis

We are overjoyed to be finalists with 3M™ in the GSA’s Green Proving Ground Program (GPG). This organization was developed to test sustainability technologies that support carbon neutrality. As a government affiliate, GPG secures results through intensive hands-on study and then recommends use accordingly.

GSA Green Proving Ground History

The Department of Energy (DOE) joined with the General Services Administration (GSA) to implement the Green Proving Ground (GPG) program in October 2010. Their mission is to accelerate the GSA’s sustainability goals, reduce operational costs, lead market transformation, as well as increase green energy jobs for American citizens.

The GPG program competitively assesses technologies for both field validation and performance verification. This testing is implemented in real world applications, within already existing buildings. Thus, affording the general public verified information on what is available and most effective regarding our carbon neutral goals.

Green Proving Ground progress

The Green Proving Ground program empowers the General Services Administration to make investment decisions in advanced building technologies based on real-life performance. Following extensive positive evaluations, the GPG selects only those technologies that excel in performance and meet the needs of a “carbon zero” future.

To date, 23 Green Proving Ground evaluated technologies have been implemented in more than 500 locations within the General Service Administration’s real-estate portfolio. Once approved, both the Department of Energy and the General Services Administration implement and support these products or services in an effort to fuel their public recognition and use.

Education is also a priority for the Green Proving Ground program. To date, 48 results have been published: from solar and low-e window films, to TLED lighting retrofits and Occupant Responsive Lighting. If you are pursuing energy efficiency for your building or business, the GPG website affords a plethora of quantifiable information for free.

Attention is given to technologies that have broad implementation potential for commercialization. The more aware the general public becomes of these technologies, the more prevalent they will be in our everyday lives. Essentially, the Green Proving Ground program does the legwork, and we all benefit from their research.

The latest GPG list

Currently, the Green Proving Ground Program is testing another round of nine building technologies that facilitate energy efficiency – including 3M™ non-metalized solar control window film. These American-made technologies were chosen in response to the most recent request for information (RFI)  inquiries that are seeking advancements for carbon neutral building achievement. The evaluations currently in progress are intended to validate the technical and operational characteristics of these options. Once approved, these energy efficient facilitators will be utilized in government buildings, as well as offered to the public, via the GPG website.

This GSA affiliate has set the foundation for consumers and business owners alike to purchase sustainable technologies wisely. Announced on May 16, 2022, window film leader 3M™ and NGS are being considered for the latest round of GPG approved technologies. This is a huge honor, and we look forward to the results.

If you would like to learn more about our solar products and services listen to our webinar on the subject. NGS is the leading window film contractor in the country and has provides more than 6,000 installations annually. Let us help you move into the future of building energy efficiency.

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