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How to Choose a 3M Window Film Installer

By October 5, 2022November 9th, 2023Installation Services & Programs, Window Film
3M Window Film Installers Working on a Window

It’s easy to botch a window film installation. It isn’t as simple as it looks. Extenuating circumstances can also make a big difference in the success of a project. So how do you know you’ve found the right installer for the job? Think expertise.

“Practice makes perfect!” It’s true but if you are practicing the wrong technique, you are training yourself erroneously. Right? Expertise comes from training, certification, and extensive knowledge.

Expert Installers

The leading window film manufacturer in the world is 3M. This company is one of the few companies globally that manufacture all of the raw materials that go into their films and adhesives. Their reputation precedes them for a reason. They know the product inside and out. Fortunately, they want to pass that knowledge along. Happy window film customers are a result of quality installations.

Quality workmanship means everything when you are trying to build a strong reputation in any industry. It’s no different when it comes to window films. Whether it is a solar window film or an interior privacy film, learning from the master matters.

Whether you need a commercial window film installer, solar window film installer, or security window film installer, the 3M certification credential covers it all. Finding this level of window film installer ensures that you will receive the best possible service and workmanship for your installation process.


3M™ offers its own certification process that is coveted in the industry. This rigorous process is intense and assures future clients that they are receiving quality/premier workmanship. Every individual is tested for knowledge of the product, ability to provide premier service, and high-quality control standards, prior to being accepted into the certification program.

Once potential installers have passed these tests then they begin the hands-on process of training and certification. Potentially certified installers then participate in a 3M facilities site visit, additional vigorous training workshops, as well as final testing. 3M certified window film installers are by far the best in the industry.

3M authorized dealer installers are also members of the Prestige Dealer Network. These dealers are committed to the highest quality of workmanship and service standards. Consequently, their installations are backed by 3M’s comprehensive warranties.

The levels of certifications are as follows:

  • Premier: These dealers are authorized and offer expanded expertise on 3M Window Film products.
  • Premier Elite: These dealers are accredited and have demonstrated the highest level of knowledge, and service within the 3M Window Film Dealer Network.
  • 3M Certified: These dealers have fulfilled additional training and certification to demonstrate their expertise in product knowledge and installation expertise.
  • 3M Large Commercial Certified: These dealers have completed the 3M Certified and Large Commercial Certified certification to demonstrate their abilities in product knowledge, installation expertise, as well as the ability to manage large commercial 3M Window Film projects.

Our NGS team has obtained the highest level of certification issued by 3M. We add an additional two years to the 3M product and installation warranty for our clients. You may rest assured that you are obtaining premier elite service and workmanship in their window film installations.

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Window Film Checklist

A not-so-common secret of the industry is the window film checklist. Everyone should use it, but not everyone does. The checklist includes an analysis of shading, overhangs, the thickness of windows, and more. 3M window film requires the use of their checklist in order to provide their warrantee guarantee.

The 3M warranty ranges from 10 to 15 years depending on the glass and film combination. Once the window film representative completes the assessment, it is then sent to 3M™ for approval. Upon completion, the client will know what is under warranty and for how long. This finalization takes place before the project begins. In this regard, the client is assured of their investment.

When choosing a window film installer, be sure that they use the appropriate window film checklist for your preferred choice of window film. Quality manufacturers typically have their own checklists and also insist that they are used to ensure warranty compliance.

Consistent National Installation

If you have commercial buildings or storefronts dispersed across the country, finding consistency in window film installation can be challenging. At NGS, we have developed relationships with 3M window film installers in every state. Our proven level of consistency and premier workmanship ensures that business owners receive that top-tier window film installation.

For corporations that prefer consistent branding and uniformity for all of their locations, NGS can provide specs for your organization. Thus, ensuring that those specifications are followed no matter the location of your building or storefront. This can save hours of unnecessary handholding and frustration on the part of the property managers.

Whether using 3M window film or Tri-Shield™ security film, ensuring a quality installation begins and ends with NGS. We are beyond certified. Our organization provides consistent, quality installations across the country, as well as in Mexico and Canada.

If you want to ensure the success of your next window film installation, search no further than NGS. We are in the business of bettering buildings. Will yours be next?

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