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Campus Safety Magazine Podcast: How to Improve Campus Security and Energy at the Same

By September 14, 2022October 14th, 2022Safety & Security Films, Solar Window Film
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Our CEO, James Beale was interviewed by Robin Hattersley, Editor and Chief of Campus Safety Magazine. They discussed current trends in campus security, building perimeter hardening, and the many benefits of glazing security. You can watch the interview, below, or read on to get a summary.

Crime and Terrorism has become Commonplace

Homegrown terrorism has now become commonplace. Tragically, our schools are becoming targets for all-too-common attacks. Beale discussed viable options to protect our communities from these gross injustices.

Schools have very limited funding and are more likely to receive funding for energy efficiency than they are for security films or systems. But that doesn’t mean that both can’t be addressed with one installation. In fact, Beale assured listeners that both could be addressed with one window film installation that includes solar and impact protection combined.

Security window films act as a form of fragmentation retention. These films prevent spalling.  Spall is shards of glass, that become weapons of despair when flying through the air. Whether the result of storm winds or an active shooter, this protection can prevent massive, life-altering injuries from taking place.

Furthermore, Riot Glass® a missile-tested security glass system can be installed, with solar protection window film that is even stronger. This product is incredible when it comes to impact resistance from gunshots or other impact-driven incidents.

NGS CEO, James Beale went on to explain, “Solar [window film] is driven entirely by payback. Schools have a low window-to-floor ratio. Unlike in office buildings where the windows to floorspace ratio are greater. Historically, schools tend to have less square footage of windows than large buildings. However, new high school designs are implementing more windows that are larger. These scenarios beg for solar window film installation as you will produce a greater learning environment and more productivity from employees with larger windows. In my opinion, it makes sense to pursue both,” Beale concluded.

Natural disasters are on the rise

Hurricane season now starts earlier than ever before. The areas that are impacted seem to be growing in size. Yet, Beale remarked that it would be “disingenuous to claim that there was a window film option to protect a building from category 5 hurricane windows. If your whole building is being blown away, no window film can save it.”

And if that wasn’t enough to keep us on our toes, now we have firenados. Huh? Haven’t heard of this one yet? 100mph wind gusts from fires are becoming more common out west, particularly in California. These scenarios are referred to as firenados that can impact communities for miles.

Simultaneously, the west coast is enduring a drought. Lake Meade, just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada is literally drying up. With the escalation of so many natural disasters, more and more businesses are thinking seriously about proactive measures.

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The Inflation Reduction Act Provides Funding for Emerging Technologies

The IRA was passed on August 16, 2022. It is a huge boost intended to further the “carbon neutral by 2030” goal. Its tax incentives will help property owners, both government and private, to make the necessary changes that will bring buildings up to par regarding energy efficiency.

This recent legislation provides almost a billion in funds for energy-efficient upgrades. It’s a huge opportunity to obtain funding where a lack has been previously. Moreover, it has the potential to have a dynamic impact on our communities across the country.

The Energy Department, with the General Services Administration (GSA), and the Green Proving Ground Program are all playing a part in guiding the public through this process. Beale confirmed in this webinar that, “GSA recently referenced our window films as one of the greatest options to see return on your investment.” In other words, when installing solar window film the decrease in energy expenditures and costs is immediate.

When combined with the new tax incentives implemented by the inflation Reduction Act, the typical 3-year return on investment can suddenly become a year, if not less. According to Beale, “Often office buildings run their A/C at midnight to cool down for the next day. That’s throwing dollars out of the window.”  Schools should be doing both energy efficiency and security glazing. There are numerous dual-function options when it comes to solar and security window film systems. Moreover, the new Inflation Reduction Act can help schools and property owners alike get there.

Improve Building Security and Energy at the Same time with NGS

At NGS, we take pride in providing a frictionless process for our clients. We provide area reports that are fully customizable; by area and by zone, as recommended by the department of safety. In addition, we help them complete the necessary proprietary area report with digital files that provide a view of the floor plan and emergency areas.

By utilizing government-approved software, we ensure that your building receives the right product application with long-term benefits. Now that funding is in place to support solar window film specifically, our team can help cut the cost of installation as well.

Register for our webinar below for more details on how dual function solar and security window film solutions can help you protect people and property and improve building energy efficiency at the same time.

Defend Your Glass
Hosted by  James Beale
Learn how to protect your building’s weakest points from forced entry, bomb blasts, windstorms, and seismic events.

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