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Is Privacy Window Film the Answer to Office Design?

Fasara Decorative Window Film Frost

As office spaces have taken on a more open floorplan, we’ve learned that not every moment needs to be shared with the entire staff. Instead of open multi-person desk areas, or suffocating cubicles, offices are beginning to require more personalized spaces again. We need to be able to breathe while maintaining a sense of personal space. Welcome in privacy window film.

Now that so many design layouts have been cleared for those open floorplans, what do we do to reinstall proper offices? It’s simple really. Moreover, the option is incredibly chic and will add to your workplace’s aesthetic. Ready?

Glass walls

Instead of reconstructing traditional walls with natural resources that deplete our earth, we can implement various glass options. Once we have created designated spaces with glass barriers, walls, and doors, we can then add window glass film that affords an office space necessary privacy, while saving square footage. Because glass is so much thinner than two by fours, combined with sheetrock, those same structured spaces now house more room. Thus, leaving your overall work environment feeling larger and open.

Employee well-being

Covid revealed a necessary sense of personal space many of us didn’t know we required. While some companies are moving into remote work, not all are ready to do so. In an effort to compromise, and get those employees to return to homebase, corporations are implementing new, employee-friendly parameters within the office.

Both cubicles and open workspaces have garnered a bad rap as of late. According to the American Psychological Association, “The high-paneled cubicles reminiscent of “Dilbert” appear to undermine worker productivity the most, while closed offices have a particularly isolating effect.” It would seem employers can’t win for losing when it comes to providing adequate work environments for their employees. Vetoing both cubicles and traditional offices, doesn’t leave many options.

By creating individual office spaces with glass barriers, employees are able to retain a sense of privacy they had when working from home. It turns out this is better for our mental health than any of us may have imagined. According to Business Insider, “Experts say that the open office was never very positive for employees, who reported feeling less productive and more distracted, got sick more easily, and felt pressured to work longer and harder because of their lack of privacy.” That same article concluded that “When offices begin reopening, whether that’s this year or next summer, we’re likely to see a shift away from the open floorplan.”

It is easy to conclude that designers will be sought out for ideas on how to solve this dilemma. Implementing glass walls within an office space, and utilizing privacy window film will afford an ideal scenario for employees to feel comfortable and be more productive in. Now that we know what to do, how do we choose the right privacy window film?

Peak performers

There are three top performers that are well sought after. The first is the 3M Fasara™ Series. This privacy window film comes in various forms, from stripes and dots to fabrics or textured, as well as fully transparent. It continues to allow light through while providing that office privacy we all desire.

Aspire™ is a custom printed window film from NGS that can be a great window privacy film. This product line utilizes the most durable and optically clear substrate, with a scratch-resistant coating. This ensures your view stays beautiful and vibrant for the life of the application.

Finally, we want to mention Casper Cloaking film. This is a technology that allows you to obscure the view of digital screens within a glass room, from those on the outside. Thus, ensuring the utmost privacy regarding “top secret” details in your meetings.

Interior design element

Additionally, privacy window film can be crafted to add to the interior design aspect of your organization. From nature-scapes to damask, the films are available in a spectrum of visual stimuli. You can easily turn that conference room exterior into a work of art, all while maintaining discretion.

Privacy window films can be chic in appearance, and serve as a great source to infuse brand recognition. An organization can depict its company’s logo or mission statement anywhere there is glass. The opportunity to communicate your company’s culture is never-ending. Furthermore, privacy films can also be used to dress up entrances. If you would rather the world not see into your storefront or office space, this source of privacy proves both beneficial and effective.

Whether you want to revamp your office design or add privacy within certain areas throughout, window privacy film offers both. In addition to the privacy plus standard UV and IR protection, office privacy film affords even greater design benefits that are becoming more coveted by business owners and workforce teams across the country.


If you have questions regarding opportunities for your workspace, visit our window film page to learn more, or our project gallery to get inspiration. Of course, you can contact us today if you’re ready for privacy window film at your office or commercial building. We believe in quality customer care and have decades of experience bettering buildings across the country. You can trust us to take care of yours too.

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