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Riot Glass® Armorplast™, Gen II

By April 29, 2022Riot Glass
Photo of Modern building with windows retrofitted with Riot Glass Gen II

Riot Glass  Armorplast™ – Gen I exploded onto the scene in 2016. (Pun intended.) We were in desperate need of a solution to mass rioting. Unfortunately, crime and violence have only escalated with time. Thus, we now have Riot Glass, Gen II – an improvement on the original version.

“What’s the difference”, you may be wondering?  Riot Glass, Gen I was a beast of a product. Yet, we all grow as we go, and this manufacturer has done the same. They listened to the feedback of clients, tuned in to the rising occurrences of violence, and reacted accordingly. Riot Glass is back with a vengeance.

Riot Glass I

Riot Glass I was created as an anti-vandalism and breakage-resistant option for buildings and storefronts. Essentially, a high-impact resistant polycarbonate sheet is applied on the outside of whatever glass (standard, tempered, etc.) you already have and braced in an aluminum frame. This protects the glass from being shattered, and most importantly, from entry.

“Never board up again” is a great way to describe Riot Glass. You can literally implement a Riot Glass system for the same amount of money it would take you to board up your location prior to a storm or riot, and then remove it. Once entrepreneurs realize this, it is typically a no-brainer. Do the job once, for 24/7 protection.

The options come in various thicknesses, depending on your needs, and even include a ballistic option. Now that mass shooters and bombers have become a part of our everyday lives, ballistic shields are more important than ever. Not too long ago, this was a SWAT team or presidential requirement. Now it would seem, we all need it.

Riot Glass II

Riot Glass Gen II

Riot Glass Gen II

The upgrades in Riot Glass II are impressive. They have improved the aluminum frame system that surrounds the standard glass, as well as the Riot Glass itself. Now the aluminum framing system is more flexible. This absorbs exponential amounts of impact when abused. So, every time a culprit takes a gouge at your windows or doors, even if it is with a sledgehammer, Riot Glass II affords additional room for flexibility within the system to prevent breakage. Furthermore, the thickness of protective polycarbonate infills have more than doubled.

Ultimately, Riot Glass Gen II is designed to withstand prolonged attacks with heavy tools. “The unique design of the ArmorPlast® Gen II framing system absorbs the shock of high levels of kinetic energy.  When combined with our virtually indestructible infills, shock waves from attacks are allowed to dissipate to the edges – minimizing weakening effects.”


Moreover, the aluminum system has a smaller footprint than the first version. This provides a more streamlined appearance and further hides the protection system from being detected by a potential perpetrator. The updated version also includes a shock-absorbing spacer. This allows for movement, if and when your property is being targeted.

Another improvement is additional noise mitigation. If outside noise, including airplane flyovers, is an issue for you, Riot Glass II can eliminate that as well. Varied trim finishes include the traditional options, as well as bronze and newer painted colors. Finally, the installation process has been made easier and more efficient. You won’t have to close up shop.

Ready for Riot Glass Armorplast II?

With the need for anti-violence protection increasing, Riot Glass has proven yet again, that they are the leader in eradicating the costly impact for business owners that results from break-ins, bombs, and other uncontrollable disasters.

With Riot Glass II buildings are better protected, and they continue to stand firm in their place of honor as the premier glass protection provider. Contact us today to get Riot Glass II on your building, or watch our webinar, “Never Board Up Again” to learn more about NGS and how our glazing security products and services can help you protect people and property.


Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash 

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