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Tools to Make Your Building More Energy Efficient in 2022

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Every new year people around the world resolve to make changes, known as “new year resolutions.” It might be losing weight, starting a company, stopping a habit, or just spending more time with family. Part of the resolution is “where am I now?” and another part is “where do I want to be?”

In the world of building energy efficiency, there are some important tools to help a building owner or operator make “efficiency resolutions.” Whether it’s a must improve driven by corporate mandates, government regulations, or want to improve to reduce costs and be more effective with energy use, building owners, managers, and operators much understand how their current (where they are now) and future state (where they want to be).

But where does one start?

Below are two useful tools that help make building energy efficiency resolutions.

US EPA Energy Star Program

There are a couple of really good tools from the U.S. EPA through their Energy Star program to help building owners answer that question, and help NGS develop solutions in line with their resolution. Both of these tools are from EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager – a thorough system of providing guidelines and comparisons of your building energy use versus either national average or your specific building before and after window film improvements.

U.S. Energy Intensity by Property Type

First, there is a tool called U.S. Energy Use Intensity by Property Type.

This tool lists national averages by building type for the net-net energy consumption whether electric, gas, oil, or renewables. This allows (for example) an office building owner to see that the national average might be 52.9 (forget the detail for now) whereas their building is 69.8 (worse).  Depending on local guidelines they may be forced to get to the national average and window film can help them achieve their resolution!

EPA Portfolio Manager

Second – there is a tool called Portfolio Manager.

This is an EPA tool that calculates a score for a specific property. It allows a property owner or manager to compare their actual building “where am I now.” Then with energy modeling and inputting new electric and gas consumption after window film installation, Portfolio Manager will calculate new values that allow a building owner or manager to see where window film solutions get them to “where do I want to be” with regard to the Portfolio Manager score.

Resolve to Make Your Buildings Greener in 2022

Every New Year reminds us of a new opportunity to be better. In 2022, make your buildings better by using these tools to figure out where you are and where you want to be. And of course, reach out to NGS if you want help getting from where you are to where you want to be. Check out our building modeling and energy engineering services, or schedule a complimentary building energy assessment to take immediate action on your resolution!

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