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Total Solutions Provider for Retailers: Q&A with James Beale and Loss Prevention Magazine

By June 22, 2022September 22nd, 2022Retail
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Kevin McMenimen from Loss Prevention Magazine recently interviewed our CEO, James Beale for a breakdown of all that we do. It isn’t as simple as a “window film installer.” Instead, Beale broke down how we add layers of security, energy efficiency, and more for retailers. The interview divulged why NGS has become so successful and how we have continued to grow over time.

McMenimen began the session with the question, “So, what do you do at NGS?”

Watch, listen, or read the podcast below to get the answer! (The original Podcast can be found here).

So What Do You Do? Podcast with NGS’ CEO James Beale and Loss Prevention Magazine

CEO, James Beale explained, “Essentially our company is the largest dealer and installer of window films in America, as well as the world. That includes anything applied to glass: solar film, security retrofit systems, custom printed graphic, deco films, signage, and more.” Ultimately, we consider ourselves more of a solutions’ provider.

Having launched NGS in 2009, we have grown and expanded exponentially. Beale continued, “As we grew, we didn’t want to pigeonhole ourselves. We’ve acquired other companies, and we’ve evolved into the largest installer of energy and security retro benefits in the country.” NGS accredits that success to always saying, “Yes.”

McMenamin pressed forward, “Lets narrow in on retail for our audience. Tell me about solutions you have for retailers.” CEO Beale was happy to oblige. “Retail was our first market segment that we focused in on.” There are hundreds, if not thousands of stores within each national retailer chain. Consequently, there is a deep funnel of opportunity within that market. If a company rebrands their stores, that leaves a lot of stores that need to be revamped, spread out over thousands of miles.

NGS quickly created a network of trained installers across the United States. This allowed us to complete projects across the country while ensuring quality workmanship.  Thus, gaining momentum and a reputation for being able to do it all – from beginning to end – from New York to California.


We recently implemented a 100 Guess? Stores rollout. We took all of their shelves and fixtures and slat walls, and rewrapped them in a new wood grain. This meant that Guess? didn’t have to throw out the old elements. Essentially, this saved room in landfills across the country and was a cost-effective process. These were both top priorities for this global fashion designer.

Guess? is not alone in this fairly new mindset. More and more companies are becoming sustainability conscious. Corporate management understands that consumers buy from companies that take responsibility for preserving the earth. NGS is experiencing this firsthand.

Safety and Security

CEO Beale proclaimed, “When we started in 2009, smash and grab was a thing, but nothing like it is now.” Civil unrest and active shooters have become a part of our everyday lives in ways that they weren’t thirteen years ago. It isn’t enough to hire a security guard anymore. Now we require more when it comes to safety and security in our communities.

Consequently, we consider ourselves more of a safety and security solutions provider than a contractor. In that regard, we provide delay, access denial, and FEB (Forced Entry Ballistic) material. Additionally, we service the State Department, government, and retail.

Beale went on to explain, “At least 83% have dealt with at least one break in. Approximately 50% of those have experienced upwards of 15 break ins. More importantly, a first responder’s response time has gotten longer.” Hence, the introduction of access denial products.

Nowadays, the attacks are more sophisticated. Thus, the need for new and more innovative products. In 2016, we helped bring a product called Riot Glass to market. This is an access denial security system that we install. And we install ballistic. We are the tip of the spear for stopping and staying in front of the bad guys. Yet, that isn’t all that we do.

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We also have a dynamic graphics program. Ross, Dress for Less is a client of ours. NGS put all of their graphics up. We do lifestyle graphics and building wraps that you see every day.

When we get to these facilities, retail or otherwise, a lot of times they are trying to solve for deficiencies in design. Store operations may come in and say, “Hey this building is facing west, it is way too hot. We’re burning up. We need to do something about that.” Or, they are having a problem with smash and grabs, perhaps a series of smash and grabs – that’s a deficiency of design from a security standpoint.

So, we try to tell our retail partners “let us work with you on the front end”, and all of those facilities, and loss prevention issues go away. This frees up their budget to apply to shrink or their design construction side. It’s a win-win all the way around.

At NGS, we tell our retail partners, if you work with us on the design/construction side, we can work from a preventative perspective. This can actually put more money back in their pockets if they work with us from the design standpoint. Thus, there would be little to no need for “after-the-fact” changes that will cut into long-term profits.


There is also a security component for how you do branding. You can improve traffic flow or increase awareness about what is in the store or product location. It’s interesting when you get into it.

At this point in the interview, Kevin was obviously impressed. “When I think about what you guys do, I would never think about it from that perspective. That may be a challenge, to let people know all of the ways in which you can add value to the building design itself. From the store perspective, there is a lot of value, focus on shrink, and other efficiencies you can bring to the building build from the get-go.”

McMenamin hit the nail on the head. CEO Beale responded, “There are so many ways in which what we do at NGS interconnects. A lot of the products we offer are dual-functional. When you add a clear security film alone, it’s kind of a miss. Why not add security and solar film simultaneously?”

Beale went on to explain, “Then you have a sustainability posture; we’ve addressed heat gain and interior fading, have improved security posture, protected merchandise and reduced shrink. All of these things can be addressed by looking at your storefront design.”

NGS CEO concluded the interview by assuring listeners, “We test new products a lot and there is always something cool to check out.” If you are interested in the latest in branding, graphics, safety and security systems or even sustainability – you can have it all with us. For more details on the many services that we offer, visit our website at

Security, Energy, and Branding for Retailers

NGS is built to help retailers improve storefront security, reduce energy costs, and execute store branding on a nationwide scale. For more details on the products and services that we offer to retailers, join an upcoming 15-minute product demonstration.

NGS Product Demonstration
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