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What is 3M™ Security Film Used For?


Peace of mind comes in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes it comes in the form of 3M™ security film. 3M safety and security film installation, can provide the client with both physical protection and a sense of mental well-being.

3M DI-NOC™ was the first and is the largest manufacturer of window and architectural film in the world. Their reputation as a premier safety and security window film manufacturer speaks to their decades of expertise and experience. Furthermore, their ability to provide premier products to the public in a range of options is unmatched.

Glass protection

Glass windows and doors are the weakest link of any building or facility. Safety and security film is intended to provide an additional layer of protection to glass windows and doors. It accomplishes this goal in layers.

Often the greatest expense with a break-in result from the damaged incurred from flying glass. With window security film breakage is prevented by holding the glass shards in place even when they have been impacted and may be damaged. Thus, the interior of the space is less likely to be damaged, or persons present are less likely to be hurt.

Window security film has 3 major benefits:

  1. Property and bodily protection from natural disasters or break-ins
  2. Safety from breakage (prevents shards from becoming lethal projectiles)
  3. Delayed entry

Property and bodily protection

Loss of life or even quality of life has now become a repercussion for many who attend school. Whether students or staff, such scenarios can be and are traumatizing. Slowing down perpetrators or preventing physical trauma on any level can only help. We may not can stop these instances entirely. However, we can help prevent more extensive damage to both property and individuals.

Active shooter

As active shooters and bomb blasts become more common place, within our public-school systems, as well as community buildings, preventing damage or harm takes precedent. We must take action to defend ourselves and our property moving forward.

Safety from spall

Whether from natural disasters, bombs or mass shooters, the threat from broken glass is both real and vast. When glass breaks it becomes dangerous shards that can do irrevocable damage, particularly to individuals. As the glass shatters and makes it way through the air in treacherous waves, it becomes a deadly weapon. In the school safety network, this experience is referred to as spall.

When safety window film is applied to already existing doors and windows, it provides a miraculous layer of protection. By essentially bonding the glass, it holds it together upon impact. Thus, preventing glass shards or “spall” to become a danger to those present. Glass spall is a detrimental weapon when it takes flight. In its wake it can steal lives as well as cause additional damage to property.

Delayed Entry

In situations where a perpetrator attempts, or successfully breaks into your facility, delaying their intrusion has its benefits. It allows security or law enforcement more time to respond and hopefully, prevent further damage or theft. This added layer of window security film protection affords those inside the building, as well as property managers and owners’ additional protection.

Security window film options

There are numerous options of safety window film and security film attachment systems with 3M Security film. Each provides a distinct layer of coverage or series of benefits.

The latter option is made by a different manufacturer who implemented 3M Safety and Security Film within their own security attachment system for premier deliverables. The first three options are window film alone. The fourth option, 3M Impact Protection, utilizes the safety and security film within a structural system, adding additional strength to the glass and safety window film as a whole. Moreover, it is designed to stand against bomb blasts.

3M Security film with attachments

The level of structural security added to your glass when implementing framing with security film is exponential. It provides a superior level of protection while allowing the exterior of your property to maintain a welcoming appearance. In other words, no bars or other obtrusive physical barriers are in sight. It allows the user to keep the welcoming appearance of the property without adding bars or other unwelcoming barriers as a form of protection.

Benefits of safety and security window film

  • Film is easy to apply even over existing glazing
  • Film installation is more cost effective than replacing windows or doors
  • Security film application requires little to no operational interruption
  • Multiple films can be layered to add additional benefits: safety bird film, sun protection or privacy

As crime and violence continue to rise all over the country, 3M safety and security window film, as well as security systems, are a growing industry. The advancements made over the last 10 to 15 years have made great strides in protecting our loved ones and properties. If you would like to schedule a complimentary building perimeter hardening analysis of your institution, or if you still have questions, contact us today.

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