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Window Film Installation: How to do it Right

Window film installers installing window film on a building

Do the bubbles in window film make you crazy? We’ve come a long way from automobile window tint to commercial window films. It’s now a commercial industry that demands top-tier professionalism in both installation and quality of product. The good news is that the demand for this product has elevated the quality and quantity of window film options, as well as the installation itself. Moreover, the craft is in a class all its own.

Is there construction nearby? Is it close to freezing? Or raining? There are numerous atmospheric factors that can have a negative impact on the installation of window film. Consequently, you want someone who is well-versed and preferably certified to install your preferred choice of window film.

No matter which window film you choose, if it isn’t properly installed you won’t be happy with the results. This is particularly prevalent when it comes to appearances. But it’s just as important when it comes to warranties and dependability. Is it doing the job you wanted it to do? Whether that be – ensuring that your window film is also installed properly will help ensure that you are happy with the final product.

3M window film installers

Installing window or architectural film is not the same process as applying automobile tint. Far too many people make the assumption that if they are capable of one, they can readily do the other. Don’t fool yourself. These are two different beasts.

3M is the global leader in films and adhesive technologies. This company holds the very first patent on window film. Furthermore, it is one of the few companies that manufactures all of the raw materials that go into their films and adhesives. This ensures the excellence of their workmanship from beginning to end.

Properly trained installers

A company that cares that much about the quality of their products also cares about the quality of its installation. 3M provides various training programs for different types of window and architectural films. Professional window film installers who pass 3M’s installation training(s) and testing program(s) to become 3M certified are recognized as the best in the industry.

Interestingly, there are some 3M films available for purchase and self-installation by the general public. However, only an Authorized 3M™ Window Film Dealer can purchase, install and warranty 3M’s high-end specialty films. For example, 3M™ Sun Control Prestige Series and 3M™ Sun Control Film Ceramic Series are premier window films that are only warrantied when installed by certified craftsmen. Authorized dealers who participate in intensive training, as well as demonstrate advanced knowledge and skill, can become 3M Certified.

To be considered for certification, a dealer must have at least three years of experience installing window film, validated business practices, and confirmed liability and insurance coverages. Additionally, they must be knowledgeable about the product, provide premier service and have high quality control standards. All of these requirements are tested as part of 3M’s certification process.

Window film installation service certifications

There are four main 3M certifications you can earn. Each certification requires a 3M’s facilities site visit, as well as vigorous training workshops and testing.

  • 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company– This is the base level certification. It lets customers know we have the skills for technical installation of applied graphics. This also put us on the 3M website for the ‘locate an installer’ feature.
  • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer– A preferred installer badge means we’ve proven ourselves as skilled installers of all graphics solutions and passed the assessment. This lists us as a 3M preferred graphics installer on the locate an installer feature.
  • 3M Endorsed Knifeless tape Installer– Being an endorsed knifeless tape installer adds a valuable skill to our portfolio. Knifeless tape allows us to use knifeless tape installations and create bolder, more complex graphics installations.
  • 3M Endorsed Architectural Installer– Gives our installers the tools and techniques to confidently apply

Window Film Installation Companies

 Quality window film installation service also includes a reputable dealer. NGS is an elite dealer. Perhaps you are asking, “What does that mean?” An elite dealer is one who is 3M authorized and has demonstrated the highest level of product knowledge, application process, and client service. There are several levels of 3M certification for dealers. The elite status is a top tier.

There are numerous dealers who hold these elite statuses, having been groomed by 3M. However, NGS adds 2 additional years of extended warranty on top of the 3M product warranty. Thus, the client can rest assured that they are in the most competent hands for product knowledge and application.

To discover more about 3M products and their effectiveness watch our 15-minute product demonstration.

NGS Product Demonstration
Hosted by  James Beale
Join our 15-minute virtual product demonstration to learn how our products and services can help you make your buildings better. Plus, watch us put Riot Glass™ to the test with a sledgehammer!

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