Blast Mitigation

Fortify your building against blast-related incidents and accidental explosions.


  • Shield against blasts and explosions
  • Help protect people and property against bomb blasts, chemical explosions, and other explosives
  • Attachment systems help anchor the film to the glass frame, providing additional protection once the glass is broken


Accidental or intentional, blasts and explosions can do major harm. And if your building or facility is at risk for explosions or blasts in the vicinity, it makes sense to implement a blast mitigation strategy. Schools, government buildings, financial institutions, data centers, large international corporations, and controversial businesses should all consider blast mitigation strategies and anti-blast film for windows.

Protect your people, property, and possessions with blast mitigation window film, 3M™ bomb blast window film, and 3M blast resistant window film. Attachment systems with this film help protect people from flying glass shards, one of the most common blast-related causes of injuries and fatalities.


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