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Smart Window Film and Smart Glass: How Long Do They Last?

By July 1, 2022August 4th, 2022Smart Window Film
Office with lots of smart window film and smart glass

First and foremost, smart window film and smart glass are two distinctly different products. Whereas smart film can be used on glass or a rigid screen, smart glass is exactly as described. Smart glass can, and often is made with tempered glass. This adds a layer of safety within an office space that only enhances its appeal.

Smart film is a premier glass window film that is typically warranted for 15 years. There are instances where this film product has lasted as long as 20 years. Smart glass is a tempered glass product with the same attributes. Smart Glass lasts for 20 to 30 years. But the length of service may not be as impressive as the benefits of these intelligent products.

If you believe in magic, you may attribute that description to this product. With the flip of a switch, what appears to be a generic sheet of glass turns opaque. If that isn’t enough to impress you, that same structure can also become an LCD screen to project PowerPoint presentations or other business media onto.

Benefits of smart window film or glass

  • Privacy
  • Temperature control
  • Transparent displays
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Blocks 99% of UV rays
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Can reduce glare on computer screens

How Smart Glass Window Film Works

This rather incredible product has an interesting buildout. The “magic” is essentially an electrical current referred to as PDLC, also known as Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal. When these electrified crystals are “on” they align along numerous parallel axes, thus allowing the glass to become translucent. Those same crystals are randomized in the off state and refract the light that enters the mixture. Consequently, a simple on or off switch takes a frosted or opaque piece of glass (off position) and turns it into a clear glass that can be used as an LCD screen (on position).

Smart glass is primarily used in situations where privacy is required. In an office space where glass partitions are used in place of traditional wall structures, Smart film can provide a much-needed frosted or opaque effect that affords the user(s) a much-needed sense of discretion or confidentiality.

In addition, when a room becomes noticeably hot in direct sunlight Smart glass can be used in place of blinds to help reduce and regulate the temperature. Some options have sensors that can detect when light levels have reached a specified point and automatically alter the glass opacity.

Where Smart Glass Window Film Works

The beauty of smart glass film is that it can and is used in an array of businesses with particular and varying needs. Because smart glass is primarily used for privacy it has made a huge splash in hotels. It increases square footage by preventing the need for bulky walls or room dividers. As leading hoteliers have implemented this chic option into their rooms, more and more of the general public are becoming aware of the product’s attributes.

Smart glass or window film affords the visitor the luxury of lounging in the bath looking out at a beautiful view or sealing yourself away to reflect and relax. Some premier proprietors have utilized Smart tempered glass in the bathroom as well, to add an additional layer of privacy with glass shower screens.


Within an office environment, smart glass film is being implemented as wall partitions. Again, because glass partitions take up to a tenth less space than walls made from 2×4’s and drywall, it is quickly becoming a preference in office spaces. Furthermore, it allows more light to travel into and through the office space. Finally, as an additional bonus, the opaque glass can help reduce unwanted glare on a computer screen.


Another popular place where you will find smart glass film in is hospitals. Patient privacy is a priority in hospital rooms. Traditional blinds or partitions are difficult to keep clean and can harbor dirt and dust. This can pose a health risk to patients with particular ailments. Thus, smart glass is more sanitary and easier to maintain on a daily basis. Moreover, it can be turned off if a patient feels isolated.

Entertainment venues

The entertainment industry is also taking notice of smart glass as well as smart window film. It can be used to sub-divided certain areas of large open spaces and provides a sense of exclusivity to certain areas.

In addition, Smart window film or glass is frequently used for promotional purposes as a means of keeping something confidential before the big reveal. By using multiple individual panels and a bit of creative flair, you can create quite the display, especially if the client adds a colored smart window film tint or other graphics to the panels.

Genius Glass

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