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Storefront Window Film for Retail Shops, Restaurants & More

By October 26, 2022Retail, Window Film

Storefronts send an immediate message as to who the business owner is and what service they provide. Retailers have been known to use their windows to garner attention for decades. Creating promotional ads on their storefronts with bright, colored paint has been a form of advertising for as long as any of us can remember.

We know that people respond to imagery and color. As branding takes precedence in the twenty-first century, so does a business’s need to stand out. But today, storefronts of all types are also a form of protection, not just branding. This includes various forms of storefront window film that can reduce glare and interior heat, as well as provide additional fortification for the location itself.

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Solar Window Film for Retailers

Solar window film is a “go-to” for many business owners because it can improve your bottom line. By reducing interior heat during warmer months, solar window film can reduce utility expenses and help buildings reduce their carbon footprint. As carbon emission taxes are becoming prevalent in larger cities across the country, meeting government standards for carbon emissions will be more of a priority moving forward.

Solar window film is available in various tints and degrees of heat control. These window films can reduce interior glare, as well as moderate interior temperatures. Both glare and increased temperatures can slow down an employee’s productivity(LINK).

Additionally, solar window films block 99% of Ultraviolet (UV) rays and up to 97% of Infrared (IR) rays. The latter is responsible for interior fading of furnishings and can help prevent the necessary replacement of furniture that is otherwise in excellent condition. Moreover, solar window films help increase interior comfort by reducing heat gain.

Window Film For Retail Shops

Retail stores often require security window film systems in addition to solar films. Both solar, and security protection are high priorities for storefronts during our current climate of civil unrest. From tagging to attempted smash-and-grabs, retail stores are targeted daily. From organized theft gangs to riots there are too many ways a retail store can lose.

The good news is there are options. When it comes to window film, there are too many options to count. Moreover, there is the perfect window film selection. If you need anti-graffiti film to protect your storefront from tagging, in addition to security film – no problem. Would you like solar film as well? It is possible. Solar window film helps control the temperatures in your retail store, so your customers will shop longer in a more comfortable, climate-controlled area.

Additionally, storefronts often command privacy to deter from a view within. This helps to “hide” register locations from passerby’s scoping out your location for a potential hit. Inner city stores in high-crime areas often require higher security window film systems. Options include retrofit security window film that is secured within a metal frame and attached to your already existing glass windows or doors.

As a retail store owner, you are keenly aware that the sun can be a big problem for you, for your employees, for your products and your customers. UV blocking window tint is the way to change all that by providing protection from the sun’s harmful rays. It stops your merchandise from fading (or in some cases even melting) and it protects your employees as well. It also

Security window film systems for Retailers

There are several tiers of security protection within security window film systems. Tier one includes 3M™ Ultra 800 and 3M impact protection adhesive on the interior of glass windows or doors. Moreover, this level of security window film provides up to a 2-minute delay in a breach attempt.

The second tier of security retrofit systems is TRI-SHIELD® includes 3M Ultra 800 and 3M impact protection adhesive on the interior of all glass as well as an exterior weatherable film on the outside of the glass. This level of fortification provides up to a 6-minute delay in a breach scenario.

Another popular security retrofit system is RIOT GLASS® is our third tier. This security window film system is definitely next level. It includes 24/7 graffiti and acid-etching protection, scratch resistant and UV-coated, noise-dampening, and passed the Miami Dade large missile impact testing protocol.

As you can well discern, whatever your needs may be, there is an ideal window film selection to meet your requirements for any storefront. There may be a single window film solution or a layered system. We have window film experts on standby that can help you determine what is the best fit for your retail store, restaurant, or club.

Window Film for Restaurants

Restaurants are special spaces where we gather to dine. But ambiance can be taken to a completely different level with window film options. Frosted privacy films can be added to glass anywhere within. Thus, in addition to privacy, frosted window films can add a layer of artistry to your atmosphere.

High-end restaurants often add decorative privacy film to add an air of elegance and mysticism. They are particularly popular in part rooms within restaurants to provide a more secluded atmosphere for guests. Even more common are restaurant storefront window films that can block annoying glares from interrupting an otherwise premier dining experience. Moreover, security films can prevent spalling from permanently scarring guests if a window or glass door is broken.

Privacy window film

Privacy window films are available in more than just a dark tint or frosted film. The options are truly mesmerizing. 3M window film produces a Fasara™ privacy window film that adds new series annually. The options available are remarkable and can change the feel of your storefront or interior with minimal cost.

However, the ambiance isn’t the only reason to implement privacy film. Have you ever been dining in a quaint Italian restaurant only to have a passerby stick their nose in the window to get a closer look at your plate? Yea, it kind of ruins the mood, right? By implementing a frosted privacy glass onto the storefront, you can ensure your dining guests have a more pleasurable and memorable experience.

Window Film for Bars and Clubs

Bars and clubs are happening locations for entertainment. As a result of alcohol-induced vandalism, most of them require security and safety film, in addition to privacy film. Club owners will install a degree of tint in window film that helps provide the atmosphere/setting desired. Generally, the darker the better.

However, a tinted window film isn’t all that a bar or club typically requires. Bars and clubs are often targeted for theft as they tend to have a fair amount of cash-on-hand. As a result, thieves may plan robberies/hits at night, so that their identification is harder to detect. Consequently, safety and security storefront window film is in high demand for bars and clubs.

Storefront solutions

Storefronts of any business require protection. Whether you require security, privacy, or solar window film, the perfect storefront window film application is waiting for your approval. As we make sustainability and energy efficiency greater priorities, more and more business owners will layer their window film installations to include all their requirements.

Additional funding and tax incentives are currently available, and more are in the works via the Inflation Reduction Act. If you are interested in learning more about funding options, NGS is here to help. We’ve assisted numerous clients in finding grants, as well as additional loan options. If there are funding resources out there, we will help you find them. There is no better time than the present to bring your storefront into the twenty-first century. Let’s do this!

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